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Kinesio Taping®

Woman with pink kinesotape on her shoulderIf you’re in pain or have gotten an injury, the team at Complete Care Health Ellenbrook is dedicated to restoring your health. One of our many solutions is Kinesio Taping, which supports and stabilises joints and muscles. In turn, your blood circulation is promoted, and your range of motion is enhanced.

In addition, Kinesio Taping is used for preventative maintenance to stop further injuries from occurring, and for the alignment of joints for issues such as slouching and pain. Athletes and pregnant women find it particularly helpful in treating their lower back pain.

The Expertise of a Professional

Though you might try taping yourself, it can be tricky for those who aren’t trained in taping methodology. Furthermore, you’ll receive the benefit of our knowledge of the different types of tape and how adjusting the tension can achieve the results you want.

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