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Women’s Health Physiotherapy at
Complete Care Health Ellenbrook

At Complete Care Health Ellenbrook we are pleased to offer physiotherapy that focuses specifically on women’s health and pelvic health issues (including men). Fran Wastell, BSc (Physiotherapy) brings over 30 years of experience in working in the public and private sectors to our practice. She is committed to promoting pelvic health across the lifespan of each of her patients.

Little girl hugging pregnant woman's bellyThe education and treatment she provides addresses a range of concerns:

  • Pregnancy/post-pregnancy musculoskeletal conditions – Pain in the back, inflamed wrist tendons, pins and needles in the hands and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Continence issues –  Leakage, difficulty emptying or urgency with bladder and bowel, constipation or pain with defecation.
  • Pelvic or sexual pain – Pelvic, bowel or abdominal area pain, after-birth pain, episiotomy and perineal tears or pain with intercourse.
  • Pre-/post-operative mastectomy – Pre-operative, complete an assessment to go through appropriate exercises and establish a base range of movement. Post-operative, assessment to prevent scarring or skin tightness, encourage lymph drainage, support the healing or wounds and treat cording or restricted range of movement.
  • Pre-/post-operative prostatectomy –  Pre-operative, assessment of the pelvic floor to show proper engagement of pelvic floor muscles, general exercise and lifestyle advice to boost recovery and fitness. Post-operative, assessment to check muscle engagement, prevent constipation and manage stress, anxiety and overall health.

What to Expect

Depending on your current complaint and the reason for your visit- your first treatment will include an assessment of your muscular and skeletal functions. If you are being assessed for pelvic floor and pelvic muscle function your treatment will include the use of a real-time ultrasound machine (RTUS) where the practitioner is able to see in real time the movements and function of your muscles as she takes you through a series of tests and exercises.

If you have issues with bladder leakage- for your first appointment we ask if you able to arrive for your appointment with a “comfortably full” bladder (have a small glass of water or cup of tea before coming to the appointment). That was the physio is able to assess your bladder function before and after voiding.

Do not worry- we will not ask you to hold on for the duration of your treatment.

Want to Learn More?

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